Suncatchers, stickers and strawberries

I’m really sad to say that for our “Summer” themed week, the great British summer time has let us down.  Every day has been about dodging the rain, guessing whether it’s safe to put the washing out on the line and risky summer time outfit choices for work!

However, in true Brit style, we have tried to make the best of the situation and here’s what we came up with.

Firstly, there’s our craft activity. You’ll have to excuse the quality but it’s definitely about the effort in this house.  We made sun catchers!


You need a plastic bottle, string, stickers, some foil and some sweet wrappers.

1. Cut the end off the bottle and make sure there’s a hole in it that you can use.

2. Line some lengths of string up, and stick your shiny bits on. We used the wrappers from some quality street and some foil sheets from cartons (like the takeaway ones!).  I used a variety of sellotape and cutting holes to secure the pieces in place.

3. Sprog got to sticking some stars on to the bottle whilst I strung everything together to loop through the hole.

4. We strung them up at the tree the following morning before we headed off to work and nursery.


Our other activities included hubby and I getting carried away as we made newspaper hats and a fairly rubbish beach scene with our yellow building blocks and some ice cream colouring sheets! Hubby got a bit confused in thinking that these are props and coloured one in for himself!  Sprog enjoyed licking them as he coloured them in.

We also partook in a little summer activity of our own which was to visit the Pick Your Own at our local PYO farm. The weather was pretty miserable, very windy but we skipped through the field and rode on a tractor and trust me when I say that makes everything ok.



I also loved that this week on Friday when Sprog was at one of his Nanny’s and she went in for the theme of the week too with looking at some Summer themed stickers.


Summer days

18 thoughts on “Suncatchers, stickers and strawberries

  1. Great post with some lovely ideas. Shame you didn’t have better days with the weather. Looking forward to next week. Thanks for hosting #ImaginationMatters

  2. Love the suncatchers, will definitely be having a go at them! They remind me of an episode of Sarah & Duck – ‘Coloured Light’!

  3. I really love the sun catchers 😀 we are hoping to have Monkey’s party in the garden this year so may try making some for then. Thanks for hosting #ImaginationMatters

  4. Such a creative way to pass the time of the rainy days. The weather here has been almost to hot to be outside doing anything but running through the sprinklers. Thanks for hosting #imaginationmatters.

  5. The summer weather has been truly British recently hasn’t it! I love that suncatcher idea, might have to steal that one 😉 Thanks for linking up with #summerdays xxx

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