So…It’s the Eve of BritmumsLive



How is it time already?!


How have I already started my new job and almost finished the last week? How is it that I should have decided what I’m wearing for the whole weekend and I haven’t? How am I so blinking tired?!

I realised as I dove into this lovely bubble bath that I may not be able to type, write or even think particularly coherently after the week I’ve had so I came up with a cunning plan… A quick ramble of a list!

Work update
– Started new job on Monday. Crazy daisy few days getting settled in and sorted.
– There’s a lot of change going on at my new school and everyone is looking mildly stressed out by it.
– May have a glass or 4 too many of prosecco on my second day at the new school…all in the name of team bonding though.
– Managed to make it through without making any kids cry, or crying myself!

Sprog update
– This dude has been hilarious this week.
– He mastered some new words… “whoop whoop”, “buggy”, “bird”
– He has come home covered in paint or glitter from nursery both days.
– He has coped pretty marvellously with not seeing me very much this week…new job means lots of things to do!

BritmumsLive update
– Arghhhhh….It’s tomorrow!
– I’m having to work still so school finishes at 3.20 and I will be on the 3.37 train up to Londontown hoping to catch the last session of activities if possible.
– The parcel from my wicked sponsor, The Cambridge Coffee Company, was too big for the letterbox and I’m not sure how to get hold of it before I leave.
– I think I’ve chosen clothes… Just got to work out how to get it all in my backpack!! Worry not, it’s a girly one with hearts all over not a sensible one!
– I haven’t actually rehearsed my post for reading at the Blogger Keynote on Saturday…Oops!!

So, that’s me in a nutshell this week.

I can conclude at the end of this…I may have run the bath a tad too warm…I may be entirely pink by now and in need of an icy drink!


*The Cambridge Coffee Company have sponsored the price of my BritmumsLive ticket and travel costs…aren’t they great!?*

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