Lion Paper Plate masks for toddlers

We made super simple lion paper plate mask for our circus themed toddler activity this week.  Sprog is almost 2 now and he was able to get involved in most elements of creating the mask and has been enjoying it a huge amount.

Materials needed

Paper plate
Felt pen or marker pen
Yellow coloured card

1 – With a splodge of paint and the paper plate to hand, just let your toddler go for it! As you can see below, Sprog ended up in a bit of a mess as my Mum encouraged him to paint his noise.
2 – Sprog needed helping along with a brush to cover the plate entirely so you might need to help out at that point.
3 – Once dry, draw a face on to the plate.
4 – Cut up sections of yellow card or paper and depending on how brave you, give control to your toddler.
Allow them to roll the glue over the plate, or not, and then get them to press the cards down around the edge of the plate.


Smooshing the paint!


Making the lion paper plates!

 DSC_0968  DSC_0969





9 thoughts on “Lion Paper Plate masks for toddlers

  1. This is such a cute idea! I can’t wait until MM is old enough to get involved with crafts! #mummymondays

  2. Oh those are so cute – I love crafts that you don’t need a million and one things to do it. Simple and effective. 🙂


  3. Sorry I am so late in commenting this week, This is a great post and I am defo going to try this with Elsie, I need to start doing more with her!


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