What I love about the London Underground

I’m not a Londoner. Let’s just clarify that now. But I do visit London often and will always use the Underground over the buses, I have grown to enjoy the Underground far more than I ever thought that I would.

I visit probably 3 or 4 times a year as I have friends who live there and it tends to be the conference heartland (teaching and now blogging too).

These fairly regular visits mean that me and my very suburban little self get to go on adventures! And I’ve concluded that I quite enjoy my adventures through the Underground.

I know that for some just the thought of it turns them to a wobbly mess and, granted, I have had my close calls when I was younger with being ill prepared in the summer heat and nearly passing out.

But now its different.


I love the whoosh of the train speeding through the tunnels as I walk through the warren.

I love watching other people and observing their lives and routines.

My favourite game is to guess what they’ve been doing, where they are going and what their life is like.

I love the posters which advertise endless opportunities for people far more intelligent, exciting and cultured than I.  It’s the endless plays and festivals which are sold as the most intriguing and spectacular events going.

I love the opportunity that is promised to you as you plod through.

I find myself smiling as I stand and ponder. I wonder if people think I’m a little bit mad, they probably do but I’m embracing it. It’s one of the things that I love when I visit but I am always glad to leave it behind again and find my way back to that quiet, peaceful and seaside suburban world.

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4 thoughts on “What I love about the London Underground

  1. Love a bit of Tube appreciation! My fave bit is always seeing the Musicals posters and planning what I should drag poor hubster to endure next.
    Lovely to meet you at Britmums too- a fellow seaside. xxx

  2. What a lovely post. On being a Londoner I’m afraid I can’t quite join in the underground loving as much but it’s still fun. I don’t get to use it so much these days, probably the 3-4 times a year as you do! I wish I could get to an underground station where I might find a free book. I do; and have taken photo’s of posters and booked tickets for shows I never knew were on! It’s a mine of information and now we’re getting 24 hour tubes on some lines! Yay!

  3. Having lived in and around london for the past 9 years, I kind of know what you mean. I hated the underground when I was pregnant, and had lots of times where I nearly fainted and had to be given water. I think its a great little system, and like you I like to make up stories about people and what they are doing! Great post 🙂 #brilliantblogposts

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