My thoughts on BritmumsLive

Thanks to my fabulous sponsor, The Cambridge Coffee Company, I was able to attend BritmumsLive last weekend.  This is a blogging and social media conference for parenting bloggers with the opportunity to learn and develop relationships.


I was also there to be one of the keynote bloggers!

I went with the aim of learning if there is a way in which I can change my little world beyond the classroom.

We all know that I love teaching, the time spent with kids helping to achieve their very best at whatever level that is. But lots of you also know that I’m tired of the constant change and the constant battle against government changes which don’t benefit the students.

I know that there must be more than working the early starts, the marking until late at night, worrying about results late at night and restless nights.

I wanted to see what I could find in the social media world, whether there were any connections to be made. I was particularly interested in the role of a social media manager and the ways in which I might pursue an ‘online’ career.

What I concluded was not what I was expecting.

I love blogging for having my little space of the Internet and the fact that somehow my little voice is valued. I enjoy the social media interaction, particularly on Instagram.

But I want to be able to turn off from work and have my evenings and weekends without doing or worrying about work. I don’t want to be learning how to write invoices, I don’t want to be scheduling 15 minute work slots all over the place for what seems like not very much money. I don’t want to be working late nights or early mornings around Sprog. I don’t want to be littering my Twitter and Instagram feeds with brand based hashtags.

I was surprised that I came to such a firm decision but at least it narrows down my opinions.

Beyond this, I managed to pick up a few tips to improve my work as I’m writing now but I came back from BritmumsLive feeling overwhelmed and it’s actually taking me this long to settle my mind and work through everything that happened.

I felt a bit uncomfortable at times and I’m not always great at going up to people I don’t know but with a couple of glasses of wine inside me on the Friday night I did touch base with a few bloggers that I love their work and have clicked with on social media. I loved spending time with the other Sussex bloggers as well.


With Polly from @oursidebaby

My conclusions from BritmumsLive are 
– For some people they were clearly in their element of selfie taking and catching up with friends.
– Social media management is not the way forward for me.
– I caught up with a few wonderful people.
– I am not comfortable in big groups of people that I don’t know.
– Britmums do a fantastic job at bringing together bloggers and providing them with the skills to improve and the opportunity to meet new brands to work with.


Photo credits to @3princesses_1dude, @brightonmums and @contentedmum


11 thoughts on “My thoughts on BritmumsLive

  1. It’s so much easier if you have people with you, but definitely still incredibly daunting. This year was my second, and I still didn’t relax until the second day.
    I really liked your post. I’m from Derby, where most of the Mums I knew didn’t work outside the home, and I moved to Manchester where the overwhelming majority do. As soon as I had my youngest two children people were asking when I was going back to work and one friend went back full time when her baby was 4 weeks old. The difference from before is astounding, and when I had 6 children at home to care for up here I really couldn’t work out how I was expected to manage paid work too! Your post meant as much to me as any other parent – whatever their decision.
    You might not like the commercial side of blogging, you don’t have to, just don’t give up the rest 🙂 x

    • Thank you lovely. I hope my post just gives people some confidence in their decisions as thats all that matters. I dont mind some commercial aspects of blogging but it was the move to social media management and having to thimk constantly about that which didnt sit well with me as a career path for me

  2. I recall attending CyberMummy back in 2011 and being overwhelmed by how many people were there, it was crazy – so much to take in! You get to realise some people are full of their own self importance but 99.9% of people there are super lovely and you always come away missing the people you wish to see the most. Hoping to attend next year so if you come down definitely come and give me a high 5! 🙂 Sim xx

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  4. Aaah I SO wish I’d seen you!!!! I looked out for people but it’s so hard to recognise faces isn’t it, in that kind of situation? I’m sorry you felt uncomfortable at times — I swallowed my nerves and was talking for BRITAIN all weekend (my coping mechanism when I’m anxious)!!! That said, I LOVED it and came away with a totally different view to you with regards to blogging and social media.It made me want to learn even more! 🙂 So wish I’d seen you to say hello xx

    Caro |

    • I found it incredibly difficult to spot anyone that I knew and when I did, they were often in big groups and I’m just not good at going up to people like that. Instead of talk continuously like I do with friends, I just can’t seem to get the words out. It would have been lovely to see you!

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