Activities “In The Garden” for Toddlers

This week’s #imaginationmatters prompt was “In the Garden” which could not have come at a better time as we have spent an awful lot of time in the garden this week.

Our adventures have included looking for bugs and holding them in our bug catching set (Thank you Poundland!). Sprog has loved this so much that I bought a second back up set at the weekend as they are not the strongest toys in the world and he’ll be heart broken if he we don’t have replacement ones.



As a result of looking at the bugs, Sprog’s speech has become clearer. He now says “Ant”, “Woodlouse”, and “Ladybird” (in his own way) much more clearly than before. We’ve been talking about the trees, the grass, the daisies and the birds. I’m hoping that it’s given his vocabulary a whole new range and also he’s begun to love just playing outdoors.


Nanny S got involved again this week as she had him for an extra day and they made bee’s and caterpillars. They ventured into Nanny’s front garden, fondly known as “The Jungle” due to the vast proportion of large plants and grasses!


Daddy got involved as he mowed the lawn, Sprog learnt to help sweep up the grass from the edges of the lawn with his rake and put it on the pile.

And I just had to include the last photo.  We bought him his trike this time last year as an early birthday present, then he just about balanced in it, could barely reach to hold on and his legs didn’t touch the central pedals. Now, as we pulled it out of the shed for the summer, he reaches the front pedals and is almost ready to take control of the steering for himself.

Changes in Sprog

There’s been a lot developing within Sprog this week, it’s difficult to know whether these weekly themes are responsible but they are definitely helping us with our verbal communication with him.

  • He has strung his first set of two words together which make sense together… “Mama talk”
  • He’s far more aware of things around him and is opening up to see his surroundings more.
  • His communication of his memories is becoming more clear for example, he picks things up that he made at Nanny’s and tells me “Nanny”.
  • He is copying so much more of what we do and acting things out.  I can’t wait for “shopping” week in a couple of weeks to see if I can get him involved in some role play.


My Bored Toddler

26 thoughts on “Activities “In The Garden” for Toddlers

  1. I have to get one of those bug catchers! Ben was obsessed with bugs during our In the Garden craft. That’s a great tip.
    I love the two word phase too. You’ll hear some great combinations.

  2. I love the bug kit it looks like a real fascination for Sprog, funnily enough we have been doing bugs and crafts with the children here this week. Popping by from #TwinklyTuesday but don’t forget to join your garden fun on Country Kids too

  3. Right, I’m off to poundland – those sound great! Not sure if its still running but theres a #FoundAtPoundland Competition for some vouchers (and this how far those vouchers would go in there!) if you tweet or facebook a pic with something you found in there (obvs!) – if its still open you should give it a go with your pic! #twinklytuesday

  4. Great post! Love all the pictures you took and his superman cape. I too am working with my 5 year old who starts kindergarten in a couple months with sight words and working on the pronunciation of his l’s. Thanks so much for hosting the wonderful LINKY #imaginationmatters.

  5. Interesting post! Love the bug kit. Great to spend time in the garden together and developing skills. Thanks for sharing #ToddlerFunFriday

  6. I detest creepy crawlies and have been so impressed with my ability to hide that from my children, who are thoroughly intrigued by them! I’m impressed with your having the forethought to have a backup bug kit! Thanks for linking with #TwinklyTuesday.

  7. oooo will be checking out pound land for bug catching bits 🙂 looks like you had a lovely time and I love that sprog calls Nanny’s garden the jungle! Brilliant!! Thank you for hosting this fab linky xx #imgainationmatters

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