RECIPE: Toddler Bug Snacks

Here are two recipes for the making of bug based snacks that we made with Sprog.  The first uses vegetables and crisps to create butterflies and the second uses biscuits and ice cream to make a dirt cake with some worms.  All the things contained are edible and depending on your child’s age, they will have varying amounts of involvement in the activities. Sprog was 22 months old when we took the photos included.

Vegetable Butterflies

Apple slices



1 – Prepare a board of ingredients.  The cucumber and apple slices should be sliced into semi -circles. (You’ll notice that I didn’t actually slice our apple, it was close to dinner time so I didn’t want to overfeed Sprog)

2 – Spread the houmous into the celery sticks (cut to approximately 2 inches long).

3 – Use the pretzels/cucumber/apple slices as wings and insert them into the celery. We turned them upside down a few times when the celery is too narrow for 2 pieces. By turning them upside down, we created some snails instead!




Dirt cakes with jelly worms

Chocolate desert such as Angel Delight or ice cream
Jelly worms (or as an alternative we had to use jelly beans to “plant” a garden because there were no worms in the shop)


1 – Crush the Oreos in a bowl to make “dirt”

2 – Layer half of the biscuit dirt into bowls or cup.

3 – Add a layer of your chocolate desert.

4 – Repeat the layers again.

5 – Add your jelly beans or worms and “Ta Dah”, as Sprog would say! We popped ours in the freezer for a little while until after dinner and had them as desert.



My Bored Toddler

11 thoughts on “RECIPE: Toddler Bug Snacks

  1. love, love, love the pretzel snails but unfortunately Monkey is allergic to sesame but I will be finding something to substitute the hummus with.. xx #imaginationmatters

  2. These are adorable. My kids would totally freak out about these (in a good way!). I’ve been trying to get them to eat hummus ever since they were tiny without any luck, so maybe this will help! #kidscorner

    p.s.! I’m hosting a link-up on Monday! you should stop by! anything goes! 🙂

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