A bit of an update

Over the last few week’s we’ve had an incredibly busy time and there’s been a few changes. In some ways it feels like everything has changed and in other ways nothing has changed.

I feel like I haven’t written a post about us and how we’re getting on for ages. Whilst I’ve been busy and pre-occupied with other stuff, I’ve been really getting into our imaginative and creative free play for my new linky #imaginationmatters. I’ve just not had a huge amount of time to write much else up. There are a few posts sitting in my drafts half done but I haven’t even had time to properly write up anything from BritmumsLive yet. There was my summary post where I explained that I didn’t find the answers there that I was hoping for.


I recently changed schools which has been much more difficult than I envisaged. I have left a school where I had a fantastic team of colleagues who I am lucky enough to call my friends and leaving them was incredibly tough. I was consoled by the fact that I was going to a school where I knew a lot of the staff but the move has not been as easy as I’d hoped. The systems have been difficult to adapt to and my classroom has no natural light. It’s odd, I never really considered the impact that might have on one’s wellbeing but to not know how sunny, rainy, cloudy it is outside can have a real negative impact on your esteem.

In the last month, hubby has also sat his exams for this summer which is always great but we have an adjustment time where he struggles to chill out in the evening as he’s been in study mode for so long. It also means that we get to spend time together…apart from the bit where I started the new job and have loads to sort out. I would love to be able to escape with him just for a few days and just go “off the grid” for a little bit.


Sprog remains an utter shining light in my life. No matter how tough I’ve found my day, when I pick him up or get home to him, it takes one smile from him to make me leave some of those worries behind. In theast month he has perfected holding his arms out and running towards me for a cuddle. He now asks for and gives “cuddles”, he says “hiiii” and “byyyyyeeeee” and he pulls me in with a vice like grip to what can only be described as a headlock cuddle!! And I love it!!

So I guess that’s a quick update from us!



7 thoughts on “A bit of an update

  1. Best of luck at the new school. I find it really hard to move. Teachers can be an unfriendly bunch sometimes, before you get to know them. I’ve worked at 6 schools in three countries in the last 5 years. You’ll find your feet before you know it x


  2. It’s difficult changing jobs and meeting new colleagues, hope it gets easier and you soon settle in. A shame you don’t have a window, maybe a few plants or some natural decorations might help it feel better? Love the big smile on sprigs face, so cute he gives his headlock cuddles! 🙂 xx

    • I’m loosing this classroom in less than 2 weeks any way as it’s being changed and I’m getting a new sparkly one so I’m just having to make do for now! Not long until I have a room with a view!

  3. Such a coincidence!! You’ve written about how the lack of light in the room affects your mood and I wrote a post today — and a subsequent comment to someone — saying *exactly* the same thing! Its extraordinary how light affects my mood but it really, truly does! Seems like I’m not the only one!! Get some mirrors up in that classroom!!!! 😉 Thanks so much for linking up with #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again next week! x

    Caro | http://www.thetwinklediaries.co.uk

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