PRIZE DRAW: Professor Scrubbington’s suitcase of goodies

This month I have a tremendous prize draw for you all from the lovely people at Professor Scrubbington’s Emporium of Clean. These wonderful treats will be delivered to you in a brilliant little suitcase and to the value of £25.00!


An actual suitcase of treats!

These products are designed for those little people in our lives who are dying to be independent and do everything for themselves when they can’t quite manage the “grown up” products yet.  They all have easy squeeze bottles, are full of natural products (Aloe Vera, no parabens and colourants or SLS), they smell great and are gender neutral and the best bit… they are magically foaming!


The selection that you will receive if you win will include a Hair & Body wash, Shampoo, Conditioner, Hand & Face wash and Roll-on Deodorant.  They are available online from at the price of £4.99… if you fancy trying them out though, you can have a wonderful 20% from the Prof if you use the code BM20.


The Prof believes in working with children to empower them so he loves working alongside KIDSCOMPANY, a company to support vulnerable inner-city children, young people and families. So you can get your kids clean in a fun and effective way as well as knowing that you are helping other children and creating opportunities for them!

Professor Scrubbingtons Prize Draw

All you have to do now is click on the link to enter.  The Terms and Conditions of the Prize Draw are stated on the Mamavsteacher Prize Draws page.

*Disclosure: Professor Scrubbington’s have provided me with an example of the suitcase in return for hosting the Prize Draw*

Closing date is 19th July 2015, open to UK residents only.

U, me and the kids

82 thoughts on “PRIZE DRAW: Professor Scrubbington’s suitcase of goodies

  1. Don’t get too worried about a little dirt they don’t have to be squeaky clean… but I always keep baby wipes in my bag (Unfragranced so I can use on any little darling who may be close by without worries lol)

  2. To clean up my little ones on holiday I always take a plentiful supply of baby/wet wipes. They are absolutely invaluable for everything from wiping ice-cream off faces, to dirty hands and sandy feet!

  3. I normally carry baby wipes on me wherever we go, but sometimes a dunk in the bath is the only thing that will work 🙂 x

  4. We have to bribe her to wash and even if she gets in the bath she is renowned for pouring shampoo into the bath and can use a whole shower gel in one bath session. When I was approached by the team at Professor Scrubbington s to try out their bath time goodies, I thought it would encourage her to wash rather than pouring it in the bath.

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