Monthly Monday Melfie July


You’ll notice an addition to our photo this month… Sprog was eagerly playing with Pup this morning, teaching him how to sit in the Bumbo, making him cuddle the Happyland boy, and forcing him to drink from an empty milk cup.  He wasn’t going to let him go just for a photo, o no!

So for July, may I present… Mama, Sprog and Pup!

I am also pleased to note that I am looking significantly less exhausted than I was last month!

Californian Mum in London


5 thoughts on “Monthly Monday Melfie July

  1. Love the new addition. Very sweet. Hope he doesn’t eat too much–he’s quite big. You all look very happy, and very well-rested! Thank you so much for joining in again. It means so much. And I hope to see you again for the next #monthlymondaymelfie on the 3rd August. xx

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