RECIPE: Chicken Fajita’s

We’ve undertaken the challenge set out about Santa Maria at Britmumslive to put our fajita kit to the test and I thought it tied in brilliantly with the “Around the World” week for #imaginationmatters. I really enjoy Mexican food and wanted to see how Sprog would react to it.

We simply followed the recipe with a few adaptations –  I was being a sneaky Mama and trying to get Sprog to eat more veg… it failed but nevermind!

– Onion
– Mushrooms
– Red Pepper
– Chicken breast
– Santa Maria fajita mix
– Santa Maria fajita wraps

– Additional extras – rice, sour cream, guacamole, Santa Maria Salsa and to mix it up we also had cucumber slices as they are a real winner with  Sprog at the moment.

1. I cooked off the onion and mushrooms together before removing them from the pan.  I used mushrooms as an additional feature, simply to try and get some more vegetables into Sprog!
2. Fry off the chicken breasts (chopped into chunks) along with the spice mix.  I just used about 75% of the packet because we don’t like hugely spicy food and because Sprog had never eaten Mexican food before.
3. Whilst this was cooking, I placed fajita wraps inside bowls and popped them in the oven at about 150 degrees.


4. Add the onions and mushrooms to the chicken and peppers, remove from the heat and mix through.
5. To start with we piled some chicken mixture and some rice into our cooked fajita bowls! Then we wrapped and folded and squashed the wraps into our faces- well Sprog did anyway!


We haven’t had fajita’s in so long and this meal made me remember how much I love them! Sprog loved digging into the wraps, and I couldn’t get enough of the delicious Santa Maria wraps…I probably ate too many!  We didn’t manage Sprog to eat any of the chicken but that’s not unusual, he did however dig into the veggies in the spice mix and demand salsa on his food, just like Daddy was having!  I had to share this final picture of his inventive way of eating the fajita bowl! He went like this for quite a while until he resorted to just pushing a whole load of it into his face.


*Disclosure: I was given a set of fajita wraps, salsa and mix from Santa Maria but all opinions are my own*


14 thoughts on “RECIPE: Chicken Fajita’s

  1. Love the tortilla bowl, we love fajitas too, but J won’t eat them wrapped up, will definitely try the bowl approach next time we have them!

  2. I love chicken fajitas, but always find them so messy to eat! The way you’ve wrapped them, like a bowl shape, is interesting, I may try it that way next time! #toddlerapprovedactivity
    Sabrina xx

  3. love fajita’s my absolute favourite. Glad that sprog enjoyed the toritlla bowl 😉

    thanks for hosting #imaginationmatters

    And while I’m here, thanks for linking up with #toddlerapprovedtuesday xx

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