Global crafts for Toddlers

As part of my linky #imaginationmatters, we are encouraging ourselves to think about different types of imaginative and creative play with different themes. For looking at ideas “Around the World” we made a couple of toddler friendly craft activities including a world map and a dream catcher.  Here’s how to make them!

World Map

– Paper plate
– Paint
– Pen

Method – This is super simple
1 – Draw a map of the world on to a paper plate
2 – Use green paint first to paint in the land areas
3 – Use the blue paint to paint the sea
4 – Display somewhere with pride

Talking points
> We found that Sprog was loving the use of different painting techniques such as the brush, his fingers, his whole hand.
> We talked about the land and the sea. We focused on how we move about on them i.e. ships and cars as Sprog is a little bit transport obsessed.
> We discussed the countries a little bit, particularly as my brother lives in the USA. I was wary that at this age Sprog still lacks the ability to see different perspectives so we kept that discussion very basic.


Dream Catcher (Native American in origin)

– Paper plate
– Paint
– Scissors
– String/wool

1 – Cut a whole through the centre of the plate (as modelled beautifully by Sprog)
2 – Let them at it with the paint! I was particularly impressed at how well Sprog painted around the circle and made the flowing movement, this was definitely something new for him!
3 – Once covered, allow the paint to dry.
4 – Use the scissors to pierce holes around the plate. (Obviously your toddler won’t be doing this – probably until they are no longer a toddler but be careful to avoid them snapping up the scissors when you put them down!)
5 – Thread the string or wool across the plate at random; I aimed to get an even spread across the plate so that it didn’t have any holes in it. Sprog wasn’t able to help with this bit yet but he is only 23 months old so I don’t know when he might be able to help with that.

Talking points
> Shapes as you paint together
> Stories about the dreams that it might catch and the origins of the dream catcher.

dreamcatcher    dc2


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