REVIEW: Goody bag from Britmums Live

I was thrilled with the Goody bag that was given to each of us as we left on our merry way from BritmumLive 2015. This is the opportunity for a few brands to give us Bloggers a stash of samples which we will hopefully go away and rave about.

I’ve broken the contents down into 3 categories to share with you.

The Mama Haul


It’s a little obvious that the wine was a hit for me, I haven’t drunk it yet as I sampled rather enough on the Britmums weekend to last me for a little while – thanks Lindemanns.

I was genuinely most excited about the washing tablets (saddo!) and the body lotion from Joules. The food seasoning from Santa Maria is delicious too, we’ve had in on turkey steaks and cheese on toast recently and it’s yummy!  You can read about our other Santa Maria freebie with our fajita experience.

The Sprog Haul


Sprog has been absolutely loving his new 360 cup from Munchkin as he feels like he’s using an actual cup like Mama and Daddy. In this house, with my pasty English Rose boys sun cream is always appreciated, thanks Soltan.  I’m afraid to say that the diary free chocolate was not a winner in this house!

Our Paragon book has gone down a treat, as did the Milkshake magazine and it’s Peppa Pig stickers. I was a little apprehensive to give him the doctor toys as they are quite small so I’m holding on to those for when he’s a bit older.

The stuff that disappeared so quickly that I only just snapped it!


This has revolutionised my life… Popcorn has never really featured in my world but now I can safely say that it does!


Loving the Twirlywoo headband as he watched the Twirlywoo’s! So excited! Since I brought this home he has become mildy obsessed with the Twirlywoo’s and hubby can’t stop singing the theme tune; we’ve actually gone Twirlywoo mad!

*Disclosure: All of the items were given as part of the Britmums Live goody bad, all opinions are my own*


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