Pink vs Blue!

I know this is not a new debate, I know that many people have felt like this but tonight to need to vent my frustrations!

Whilst on a now weekly quest for inspiration for #imaginationmatters, I was wondering through Tesco. This week I was after Emergency Services inspiration, and as I was rifling though the colouring books, sticker books, and then I took a step back and looked at the shelf. I was baffled and blown away by the obvious gender colour schemes.

Take a look at this


This is not a post to rant at or blame, the supermarkets. But I can’t understand why big brands persist in labelling products in such gender specific ways.


How can something as simple as flower shapes and space shapes be gender specific?! Who’s to say that the reason that boys and girls end up more interested in particular topics don’t start right here?

I am not thrilled that the only option of flower shapes that I can purchase for Sprog to use are pink… I’ve bought them previously as I don’t want to define his experiences by colour but what is to stop the company selling these products from having a more neutral range of colours in the packet…maybe orange, purple and green?! Just a thought.


As I felt my frustration growing, I went to peruse the bigger toys section to see what emergency vehicles I might find… Only to discover that they are firmly positioned in the ‘boy’ section of black, blue and red boxes. And that if I turned around, I was greeted by a wall of pink dolls, fluffy toys and household cleaning items in toy size.

Arrrggghhhhh! Why have we not moved on from this?! Why are the companies who leave their toys to the individual child to decide whether they like them and not be pushed by the colour of the packaging still a minority? Why does it become worse as the kids get older? I’ve really started to notice the difference in toys now that Sprog is almost 2.

I’d love to get him a little dustpan and brush set as he loves helping us out, but all the ones I’ve seen are pink. I don’t wholly object to buying him a pink set but I know hubby isn’t keen on it.  He has a bit of a thing about babies at the moment (I know, it makes my ovaries start a warm up!) but in passing them in shops, they are all very pink. It just irritates me that I should have to go out of my way to find toys that don’t pigeon hole kids as pink or blue.

Ok, rant over! Have you found a way around this? I’d love to know what you did.


6 thoughts on “Pink vs Blue!

  1. The exact one thing I hate the most! I was happy when I found out that both my daughters are not so fond of “only pink” editions! And I have always given them the choice to choose what they want and often found they go different toys ignoring the colours. And, I agree, the colour makes it a Barrier from buying some toys though we would love our child to have a chance of playing with them.

  2. I blog about this all the time, so I understand your frustration. As a parent, I just recommend ignoring the boy/girl signs and getting what you/your child want to – including the pink dustpan & brush set for your little boy 🙂

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