Fireman Sprog

We’ve been upto a few fireman related activities in the last week and with me feeling a little under the weather, I’m sure we could have developed these a bit further.


The first was this invitation to play which I set up for when Sprog got home from nursery. I really quickly sliced up some black card from the craft box, stuck it to the rug and drew the dotted lines on with chalk. I placed the fire engine and police car on it.

I also put some car stickers at the side. Needless to say my boy loved this!


We also got stuck into a bit of craft for which I used an idea that I borrowed after seeing it on Toddler Approved Tuesday.

– Paper
– Coloured tissue paper
– water

1 – Wet some plain paper with water
2 – Add the tissue paper on top and let it absorb the water
3 – Let it dry out and then remove the layer of tissue paper.
4 – We then cut the paper into flame shapes.



Finally, the weekend saw our local fire station open day and we were so excited to take Sprog out. We knew there’d be lots of engines of all kinds and couldn’t wait to take him. However, on the day, we were battling some molar teething so he wasn’t in the best place.


7 thoughts on “Fireman Sprog

  1. Oh wow we haven’t taken Monkey to see a real life fire engine yet – what a great idea, will need to try and find out if anything is going on locally. Also love the tissue paper fie 🙂 Thank you for hosting #imagiationmatters

  2. So many good ideas here. I think we’ll be doing the card road on the rug too! Have to say, I’m loving this linky and hope to join in lots more over the summer.

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