Investigating the weather with Sprog

At 23 months old (yes, he’s almost 2) Sprog is well and truly earning his Toddler strips, he makes me so proud every day with the new things he learns and the warmth and love in his heart.

This week for #imaginationmatters our theme was the weather. And for once the great British weather did not let us down.


One thing that we were able to get stuck into was a homemade rain catcher.

I used a snack pot that we haven’t used in ages, marked a couple of lines on it using a Sharpie and left it out on the table. Our lines were imaginatively called ‘little’, ‘a lot’, and ‘uh oh’!

When we got home from our rather wet day out, Sprog and I headed out to the garden where he was super excited to see that there was plenty of rain in the cup. He was so excited that we had to go to the front garden and water the bushes with the rain water immediately… Even though it was still raining!!

We also did our obligatory craft session by making clouds and sunshines.


Sprog was loving the PVA glue which is something that we haven’t used at home yet. He was not so keen on the sticky aspect of it which is somewhat of a problem. He really disliked the feel of the cotton wool once it had the glue on and didn’t want to touch the tissue paper either.

Our finished items have been stuck to the fireplace so that we can continue talking about the different types of weather.


What Sprog has learnt this week 

  • lots of new words including ‘rain catcher’, ‘wellie’ and lots of repetition of what we say
  • To manage new textures and sensations
  • More role play with his toys… Makka Pakka has featured highly in this
  • That we still have fun in the rain but that we just have to wear wellies and a Thomas coat… Mine is just not as exciting!

4 thoughts on “Investigating the weather with Sprog

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  2. Great Ideas, so sorry I haven’t been by lately for imagination matters im not getting much time to read and comment so I dont want to link and run!!

    Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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