Me And Mine – July

We’ve been much better at remembering to take a few photos of the 3 of us together this month so that we can link up to the Me and Mine photo project. These are a couple of my favs.



Mama has been loving
– The start of the school holidays and #operationhappymama
– Days out with Sprog… We’ve been to Arundel Castle, the airport, the park. All of these things make both of us smile alot.
– I finished reading a book for the first time in 2 years thanks to daily reading time at my new school.

Daddy has been loving
– Passing his 2 exams that he sat in June!
– Listening to all the new words that Sprog is picking up.
– Spending time with me on our anniversary!

Sprog has been loving
– Twirlywoos… Totally obsessed!
– Counting. It’s very cute, he starts at 5 and just repeats 5, 6 over and over again.
– Food on a stick… He won’t eat much meat at the moment but bung on a stick and call it a lollipop and off he goes!

dear beautiful

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