We are on a food lockdown

We are on a food lockdown.

The only things to pass Sprog’s lips in the last few days are pasta, yogurt and grapes.

A couple, literally, cheerios made it through before breakfast lockdown.

A few pieces of pasta at the lunchtime lockdown.

Then magic. At dinner time Daddy was home. We managed to get a slice of toast in and then… You guessed it…lockdown.


My ‘clever’ attempt to cook small veg and add the sauce in small bits was thwarted by Sprog!

I have tried to chop veg small and make a sauce… he doesn’t eat the sauce… just ‘plain papa’ (his words).

This from the BLW (baby led weaning) boy who ate everything…I have to apologise… I was that smug mother… “well, he’s only 7 months and he eats everything!” I can hear myself now (and read it here!) and all I want to do is tell myself to sod off, it won’t last, he will become a toddler who eats white food, sometimes.

Does anyone have any tips? Which do not involve me cooking and pureeing vegetables into sauces etc…I work full time, I simply do not have the time or the willpower to spend hours in the evening cooking food he won’t eat.

Help me?!?! Please!


10 thoughts on “We are on a food lockdown

  1. I wouldn’t panic too much. Mine go through real phases with food, and always have. I used to really worry when my boy, who like yours ate EVERYTHING, had a week or two when he would barely touch a thing, then he would get going and be bottomless again. Perhaps he is just going through a ‘not very hungry’ stage, I’m sure he will make up for it when he next has a growth spurt…hot weather suppresses appetites and exciting things like holidays & birthdays disrupt & distract them too! X

  2. Oh nooò not you too. Unfortunately I have no advice to offer. Holly won’t eat anything but chicken burger patties and chips. I’m so tired of it and can’t wait for this course the health visitors are putting me on to try and help our situation. Sadly I still have to wait for September to get here. We have tried just about everything and nothing is working. Good luck hon I hope it passes quickly for you!xx

  3. I would suggest that you don’t worry about him not eating, as soon as they know you get upset when they don’t eat they figure out they can use this to choose whatever their favourite foods are. If he doesn’t want to eat something that’s fine, I’m sure he’ll let you know when he gets hungry. Use the fact that you are cleverer than him to outwit him. Maybe try waiting until he asks for food, or eating things in front of him that he can share if he asks nicely. X

  4. It’s definitely just a phase, he’ll grow out of it. Is there anything in particular that he will eat? My little man had similar, and pretty much lived on instant noodles for about two months! I could sneak peas into them some days, carrots on others. Sweetcorn is always a winner too because it’s so, well, sweet. Eventually he got fed up by himself and started asking for other things. Dexter likes to help prep his own dinners too. I pre-cook veggies so can throw a handful into whatever he’s having, he enjoys taking a bowl to the freezer and putting in what he wants for that meal. Or maybe try just snacky finger food for a few meals instead of sitting down with cutlery?

  5. No tips, but feel your pain! My twins are on a vegetable lock down too! Savoury muffins and fritters are still a winner though with my two. Good luck, hope this phase passes soon.

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