“Animal Day”

Sprog turned 2 last week and with that came a flurry of excitement and Mama and Daddy possibly getting a little bit carried away with it all, oops! One of the things that we had booked before the end of last year which I was super excited about was going to Chessington and staying away for the night, in a hotel room overlooking the animals.


Giraffe! *New word No. 258 this week from Sprog*

As a result, my post for #Imaginationmatters this week is not so much about play but a roundup of our highlights from this and how Sprog has developed in the last week.

It seems crazy to be able to say this as I thought we were done with big and sudden changes in Sprog’s development, I thought it would probably all be gradual changes from now on. However, with the aid of me being home, spending some quality family time together and trying to get him to grasp the concept of a ‘birthday’, Sprog has flourished in the last couple of weeks.

  • Imaginative play…he is happy to run around being Fireman Sprog with his hat on and putting out chalk fires around the garden.  He also loves his new kitchen that he got for his birthday and understands that it’s all pretend food and that you pretend to cook things on the hob and in the oven!
  • Verbal communication… massive improvement’s in what he can say. “Animal day” is his very first phrase, it was not copied from us but put together after he considered that we were going to visit the animals the next day.  This has also morphed into “hairport day” when we went to the local airport.
  • Copying and mimicking pretty much everything we can say… big bonus was that this morning, he managed his name for the very first time! You probably wouldn’t know he was saying it if I didn’t translate into grown up English, but it is definitely it!

*This was not a sponsored post with Chessington. We just loved our couple of days there.*


Sprog loving the penguins and the goats!


Our top celebrity spots! Sprog was quite excited by meeting the Octonauts in particular.


Playing the African xylophone and using his new giraffe toy to eat Mama’s shoulder as we left the park!


One thought on ““Animal Day”

  1. Looks like you had a lovely time 🙂 we also did this for Monkey’s third birthday (2 months ago already….) keep meaning to write up the post!! Happy Birthday Sprog xx #imaginationmatters

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