Sprog turns 2

All parents say it but doesn’t time fly when you have kids in your life?!?

My answer to “how old is he?” has been “he’s 2 in August” for about the last 6 months…I got bored of counting in months from about 18 months. Now he’s actually turned 2, it doesn’t seem possible except for the fact that he is making so many changes in himself and becoming so much more of an independent little boy that it seems right that I can now say he is 2 years old.

I have to tackle a few feelings of working Mama guilt at some point too. In the 3 weeks of the summer holidays so far, Sprog has changed so much. He has become more confident, more verbal, more independent and more creative. I am currently avoiding thinking about why. I think I know deep down that it’s because he has a consistency and safety of Mama having his back all the time but I can’t deal with that yet because I have to work. This is of course my central debate in life!

So, here’s where we’re at with different bits and pieces. There’s been so much change in him since I wrote his 18 month update, it’s unreal.


  • Still sleeping from 7.30 ish until 6.30 ish every night!
  • Upto a 2 hour nap around lunch time each day.
  • However, we have had a few night terrors recently where he screams and howls in his sleep. A quick Mama cuddle instantly soothes him, apparently all without him waking up, and he’s straight back to sleep.
  • I’m toying with the idea of taking the sides off his cot bed but I haven’t actually braved it yet. I enjoy uninterrupted sleep too much and don’t want to risk loosing it.



    • A whole lot of pasta!
    • He’s been on a food lockdown for a few weeks and whilst this hasn’t been the case for ages, he definitely doesn’t eat the range of foods that he used to.
    • Cake, sweets, biscuits, ice cream, chocolate…not a problem.
    • Occasionally we’ll sneak some bread in but anything with a savoury flavour or that attempts to be a sauce should just give up now.



  • Books with farms or emergency vehicles in are favs at the moment.
  • We’ve had obsessions with ‘What the ladybird heard’ and ‘The very hungry caterpillar’, to the point of hubby and I being able to regurgitate both at will, however both of these obsessions are drawing to a close.
  • He loves his ‘Monster truck to the rescue’ book.
  • We’re still getting a few library books every couple of weeks to keep his reading varied.


In the last 2 weeks, we’ve graduated from single words to phrases so I’ve just picked out my favourites.

  • “Silly Mummy” or “Silly Daddy”
  • “Animal day” (I explained that one here)
  • On crossing the road… Looks straight ahead and says “no, no, safe”… I’ve been getting him to look both ways and check for cars before saying that it’s safe and independently he doesn’t actually move his head!
  • A “yes” or “no” decision lasts 30 seconds at best before he changes his mind again.


  • Obsessing over Twirlywoo’s
  • Running everywhere
  • Swinging like a monkey on climbing frames – this literally started 2 days after he turned 2. Neither hubby nor I were ready for him to become this adventurous.
  • Holding hands to walk places, particularly through car parks and over roads.
  • Playing so much more confidently in unknown environments and at soft play; he’s starting to get stuck in a bit more rather than run around the edge watching everyone higher up.
  • Getting incredibly frustrated by not being able to successfully “Hook a duck”
  • Playing with his kitchen in his bedroom, and making Mummy and Daddy cups of tea and coffee with cake!


You Baby Me Mummy


5 thoughts on “Sprog turns 2

  1. Aw what a lovely update! Emma is 17 months and it’s so interesting to see the difference 7 months make. Love how he crossed the road, that is too cute. I know how you feel about the working guilt. I don’t even work that much and I still have it every time I have to leave her. But at the end of the day you’re out providing for him and he knows that deep down x #TheList

  2. My little Incredible Hulk is 2 next week. Its lovely seeing someones elses milestones documented as so many of these ring true! Twirlywoos is on repeat here and the words have increased dramatically in the last few weeks. This is fabulous to be able to go back to in the future. Loved it. #twinklytuesdays

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