Ideas for the rest of the holidays

So you’ve made it through the first bit of the summer without too many trouble (I mean that you haven’t kicked the kids out nor have they tend on you!)

But there’s still another couple of weeks to get through and you’re wondering what to do? I have a few ideas of things that we’ve been up to so I thought I’d share in case they serve as inspiration for others.

Trips to the park

Our local parks are great with loads of different things to go on. Even if the equipment isn’t great, the trip out of the house will do everyone good. Take a ball with you, put your wellies on if needs be and just let rip for a bit.  My top tip is to put the kids in easily identifiable clothes – Sprog has been sporting fluorescent tops in some of our busier parks!


My view this morning as he insisted on pushing me round and around!

Film afternoons

A few times when Sprog has been knackered out, we’ve embraced a film afternoon.  Grab some popcorn, get the bean bags/blankets/snuggly jumpers (yes, I know… but it’s not been a great “hot” summer) and get some Disney going on!

Funky dancing around the living room


We’ve been listening to FunKids Radio through the laptop and having a bit of a crazy dance around. It’s great as it’s often more upbeat music than the drivel on some normal radio stations… we particularly enjoyed dancing to the farmyard tango! The music is great and the presenters are just as energetic as the ones on the tellybox; the added attraction of these guys though is that they aren’t attached to a screen and therefore we can use them at the same time as enjoying more sensory experiences, rather than just sat on our bums! As Sprog has only just turned 2, he get’s a sticker for every full song that he dances to. There’s no reward at the end when he completes his picture, he just loves the sticker itself!

Visiting your local airfield


Utterly captivated by the moving airplanes

We are extremely lucky to have Brighton City Airport just 20 minutes from home and they have a great café which opens to the outside area. We’ve spent a couple of mornings, just sat looking at the planes and helicopters as they fly around. Sprog loves it so much, that the first time we went, I actually had to shovel the cake into his mouth for him as he was too excited by every little thing that moved.

Be at one with nature


I’ve written before about Sprog’s love for the bugs, but seriously, get a magnifying glass and get out to look at the bugs. The local park will give you a change of scenery, or the beach, countryside lanes, local walkways. Just use whatever is closest to you but gets you out of the house for a bit.

Painting/arts and crafts


Look at how messy I am…. and how happy I am!!

I suppose this one depends on the age of your kids.  Sprog loves to sit and work his way through the different textures, shapes and colours in our craft box. I usually give him something to aim for but it’s been great to watch him try out different things in the last few weeks. You have to be brave with the mess though… have a second activity ready to send them on to which requires less of you participating so that you can tidy the carnage which follows.

Outdoor chalks

If you haven’t got these in your life, you need them. I can let Sprog go for it in the garden drawing whatever he likes… dots and lines are his speciality. I can either join him or let him get on with it, perfect to me!


9 thoughts on “Ideas for the rest of the holidays

  1. Thanks for this post, some great ideas here! I especially like the radio, I haven’t heard of that station so will definitely be checking it out! We have an airfield near us too, so I think that would make a great visit! Becky x #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. A great list lovely. Will have to check out funkids I think its about the only one we haven’t done! Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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