Toddler airplane crafts

This week, I decided to take a bit more of a free play approach to our crafting session which was utterly terrifying but so worth it as Sprog entertained himself Forfar longer than if I had been trying to get him to produce something specific.

As we sat down at the table I asked him about what he sees in the sky to which he replied “aero”, I expected nothing less from my airplane obsessed boy and then we tried to talk a bit about birds but he was eager to get going.

The first thing that I did was cut 2 foam shapes out and insert the wings through a hole in the body of the plane.  You can see it at the front of this picture. He loved zooming it around over his head whilst I got a few bits organised on the table for him to play with.

aero4As I set the paints out, I had a loose idea that we would make some lolly stick airplanes but Sprog wanted to paint paper plates for a while too so we went with it.  I made these into a helicopter which is proudly stuck on our fireplace now.  He also got really involved in playing with a cork and a kitchen roll tube.  There was paint everywhere but he was giggling all over the place from throwing the cork around inside the tube, dropping the cork through the tube and onto his face, squishing the tube so it couldn’t get out – a whole world of fun apparently!


Start and middle of painting time – I even Instagrammed the reality!

We ended up with quite a selection of airplanes in different shapes, colours and materials which were dry by the next day and Daddy got treated to a beautiful acrobatic display as Sprog whizzed them all over the place.  This was so special to see as he has developed his imagination recently and can now pretend that the toilet roll with a lolly stick stuck on top is actually an airplane and he doesn’t look at me like I’m crazy for suggesting the idea. He’s the one picking stuff up and going with it.  Yesterday for dinner, a piece of pitta bread became a “Choo choo train” and went all over the table on it’s journey and I just love seeing this side of him develop, it’s amazing to watch.

aero 2 aero1


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