I am the Mum who…

Lovely Becky at 3 Princesses and 1 Dude nominated me to complete this post, it’s been a draft in my notepad for a while and is finally making it on to the screen for you to see!


I am the Mum who … forces Sprog to take silly pictures all the time!

I am the Mum who… has taught Sprog to say Daddy’s actual name, to tickle Daddy’s toes and to call Daddy “Silly Daddy”.  Update: November 2015 – He now also calls him “Numpty Daddy!”

I am the Mum who… sticks to silly notions and can’t be shifted (for example, having to make Sprog’s birthday cake every year and setting a pretty high standard in only my 2nd year)

I am the Mum who… gets uneasy without some kind of plan for my day.

I am the Mum who… plans something to do every day that I get to spend with Sprog.

I am the Mum who…worried herself silly about weaning Sprog “properly“.

I am the Mum who… does not feel guilty about taking some time to myself with my friends.

I am the Mum who… feels a multitude of guilts about working full time.

I am the Mum who… get teary at every little thing that Sprog does or achieves (even the way that he sits to watch Twirlywoos make me well up because he just looks so perfect).

I am the Mum who… love dressing Sprog up in fancy dress outfits (which reminds me that I need to start looking for a Christmas outfit!)

I am the Mum who… understands the utter devotion and limitless love of a parent for their child but cannot begin to explain that feeling to a non parent.

I’m going to nominate a few of my favourite bloggers so that hopefully you can get to know them a bit better too.




What My Fridge Says


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