Playing with trains

I have been much more chilled out about our creative play over the summer holidays and this week’s transport theme has been easy.
Sprog is having a huge obsession with planes, trains and cars at the moment so we’ve had a huge amount of free play where I put toys out and he just goes for it. All I want to do is share some photos of him playing with everything.

Sprog has been able to talk much more about the cars and trains. Mainly, however, he demanded that “Mummy help”.  This has been the soundtrack to my week and it just means “Mummy play for me as I demand that you do a range of things whilst I stand and watch”.



I had made a make shift car park out of a shoe box and we practiced talking through numbers and driving the cars and airplanes down the track to the different numbered parking spaces. Apparently it’s better for sitting on though!



What was the first thing that you could leave your little ones to play with which occupied them? Or what are their current obsessions? I’d love to know


3 thoughts on “Playing with trains

  1. Oh sweet man it looks like sprog is having a great time. Holly will quite happily sit and play with her tiny Peppa pig figurines all day long. She not only has to take them out with her but have them all spread out on her pillow when bed time comes. Xx

  2. Elsie will it and play with her baby and a play bottle for ages, until it comes to wanting it in the carrycot thing she has…then she will screech until someone ‘helps’ (ie: does it for her!) Evie has just figured out how to piece together the brio track so she is more than happy to do that on her own now too (thank god…it was like having a boss when we played trains!) Thanks for linking up to #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

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