Upcycling wall art Toddler style

In a totally random act of creativity Sprog suddenly came up with an ingenious piece of upcycling thus evening.

As we prepared dinner, Sprog was finishing up playing in the garden and had been using his chalks. We are those rubbish people who clear stuff out and don’t take it to the dump immediately so there’s an old piece of fabric wall art from our newly painted bedroom hanging out by the bins.

In a turn of utter brilliance, making me wish I’d thought of it first, Sprog turned on the purple fabric and started drawing on it with the chalks!


Initially he looked to me for approval but after I told him it was fine, he went for it.

I drew some shapes to get him going but here’s some examples of what he did.


You can see the bits I drew, but given freedom over the whole board, he then chose to fill in or copy some of the things I’d been doing. He loved hitting the fabric too so that he could watch the chalk jumping from the sheet.


Left to their own devices whilst I finished off dinner, this is what the boys produced! I’m biased…but I think it’s brilliant. In there are some real developments and changes for Sprog. He has started forming shapes rather than just lines. He drew something which vaguely resembled a circle and also accidentally a square. And… Daddy’s stick men were pretty good too!

It’s made me think about how we could create a better space in the garden or some personalised work for our new bedroom!

Have your small people ever utterly surprised you with their creativity?


11 thoughts on “Upcycling wall art Toddler style

  1. This is so cute! Such a great idea to let the kids upcycle stuff with their scribbles! I love that he just did it himself. I always keep Lambs paintings and drawings and turn them into cards for family and friends xx #toddlerapprovedtuesday

  2. This is lovely, what a great idea of his! I am constantly amazed by my daughter’s creativity. She made a little dolls house for her Sylvanian Families last week, out of an IKEA storage box! Totally unprompted by me. They are so clever and imaginative, I hope they never lose that. Becky x #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  3. What a fab idea, it’s great that he was feeling so creative and instigated the idea for himself. Do come over and join me on Trash 2 Treasure with this post it’s fab! I’m super impressed with Sprog’s drawing too, he’s really starting to develop his shapes. Popping in from Magic Moments.

  4. This is such a brilliant idea. He is so creative and it’s brilliant that he tried to mimic your drawings. I think you have an artist in the making! It’s so lovely watching their imaginations develop and them develop their own independent way of doing things isn’t it! Popping over from magic moments. x

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