Drumroll for the Finalists please…

Since I got a very exciting email last week, I have been busy trying to make arrangements for something that takes place next week.

On Tuesday 22nd September, the MumandWorking Awards are being held in London.

As I quickly checked my emails at the end of period 5 last Wednesday I let out a small yelp, quickly checked around me to see if any students saw me and then did a quick little dance at my desk…I’m oh so very cool!

finalist badge

After a few months of friends, family and colleagues being poked a couple of times, and the odd post on Twitter and Facebook, I found out that I have been shortlisted as a finalist for the Working Parent Blogger of the Year Award! Look here and you can see if for yourself in black and white, and you can also check out all of the other wonderful finalists.


Needless to say I am super duper excited! After checking whether my new Headteacher would let me out for the afternoon, arranging childcare as hubby is studying that evening, and organising train tickets (well, sort of, I’m about to book that!) I am ready to go!

Lucky for me it’s not too formal and swish as I am teaching the first two lessons of the day before I whizz of to London!

So from me, all that remains is to give a great big THANK YOU, and send lots and lots of squishy hugs to whoever out there nominated me and my little corner of the web.


Super duper cheesy thank you faces!

I can only that through my little wittering’s here, and through features such as Balancing Act (see all the old posts in the archive), I have shown that there are so many different ways of working parents balancing their life’s. Needless to say, we don’t always get it right, but we all try blooming hard to do the very best for our kids so no matter whether you are a stay at home parent, a full time working parent, a part time working parent, a work from home parent, a self employed parent… give yourself a great big pat on the back because you are doing great!



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