Making space for ‘us’

I think it is incredibly important for “good parents” to be happy people as it inevitably affects the way that you interact with your children.  When I have a rubbish day at work, I am guilty of sometimes allowing it to affect my time with Sprog, other times, he is exactly the tonic I need.

Parents need to have a positive relationship, whether they are together or not, in order to model those positive and supportive relationships to the child.  I saw a quote recently which says that it’s “easier to build a good child than rebuild a broken adult” and I utterly agree.

That said…who actually feels that they have time to look after themselves, let alone their relationship with another person?!  My husband and I both work full time, he studies a couple of evenings a week, I mark work most evenings. At the weekend we have a list of things to do and then we’re exhausted.

So this weekend we’re treating ourselves.

Tomorrow we’re off to watch the rugby at the Amex Stadium in Brighton so we’ve packed Sprog off to his uncle’s for the evening and we’re having time to ourselves.

So we have…

– Both had long hot showers
– I have manicured and cleaned up my toe and hand nails!
– I have blow dried my hair
– I have straightened my hair!
– Hubby has watched rugby
– I have thought about how I put make up now (rather than just doing it as quick as possible). I even have eyeshadow on.
– We have not done anything sensible like sorting out washing, I had contemplating marking…I haven’t.


Look at me looking all clean and chilled out!

Our plan now…a spontaneous walk along the seafront (like we used to in the evening before we had a set bedtime to stick to) and a meal out. Before we hit the sack of course, because we’ll still be knackered but it’s just so good to have some time for us.

What do you do to make sure that you have time as a couple? I know it’s so difficult if you don’t have anyone to help out with babysitting and we’re very lucky!


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