Target 100,000


Did you know that 5 million UK women are not up to date with their smear tests?!

Are we serious ladies?! Something so simple that is free and could ultimately save you and we’re missing it?!

Target100,000 is a new campaign hopes NEW at-home self-sampler will help thousands of women re-engage in cervical screening. Incredibly 1.1 million admit they have never had a smear test, with pain, embarrassment and struggling to get to an appointment being the main reason.

This month GynaeHealth UK have launched GynaeCheck (a new, at-home, self-sampling device) for the 70% of UK women who believe that a self-collecting alternative should be offered to women of all ages.

I was lucky enough to be able to try this out and the while process was sooooo easy. The applicator wand (wand sounds much nicer than stick!) is dead simple, you honestly just insert the wand, hold the button, let go when the instructions tell you to and send off the sample.

It’s so straightforward because it doesn’t scrape anywhere for a sample but simple deposits a sample of fluid and collects it back in plus a few of the cells from that area. The cells are then tested to see if HPV is present!

If just 10% of the women who avoid their smear tests take GynaeCheck we will have 100,000 more women engaged in cervical screening.

The very lovely Dr Pixie (off the tellybox) says “Busy women who struggle to make time for non-emergency health appointments should consider GynaeCheck which can be completed in three seconds in the comfort and privacy of their own homes”.

I took my test the day after my actual smear test and got the results back a few days before my smear results. Thank goodness, everything was normal but if they hadn’t been, my doctor would have been copied in on the results (an optional feature) and GynaeHealth would have provided me with information on what to do next.

So here’s the good news to launch Target100,000 GynaeHealth are offering GynaeCheck at a reduced rate of £99 for the entire month of September as part of Gynaecologic Cancer Awareness Month. Visit for more information on the campaign.


Just a few snaps of the highlights of Seeing Dr Pixie and the GynaeCheck team… I loved that as I left the event I was greeted by the poster in the bottom corner…how apt?!

So what about you? Do you think this is something that might work for you? If you’re a die hard smear attendee, how would you encourage women who just don’t go?!



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