Making bunting for the Rugby World Cup

We are mildly obsessed with rugby in our house… Not utterly obsessed, it doesn’t rule our lives and it’s not all the time…except during the Six Nations and the World Cup.  So imagine our glee when the beloved Mr Tumble taught Sprog all about rugby a couple of weeks ago!!

From one viewing of this episode Sprog learnt how to say Rugby Ball and Rugby Posts. We were winning already! And now, with rugby on the TV fairly constantly at home he’s getting pretty into it!

I took this opportunity and have gone with it! For our Wednesday afternoon Mama and Sprog time (I walk out of school at 3.20 on this one sacred day each week) I decided that we would make celebratory rugby bunting and my o my, did he love doing it!

It’s super simple to make so why not have a go, I’d really love to see what else you can come up with.

– Paper cut into oval rugby ball shapes (I printed some shapes out)
– Paint, pens, colouring pencils and whatever else takes your fancy
– String

1– Place the shapes in front of your child along with whatever arts and crafts materials you have going.


Setting everything out on the table

2 – If necessary (and for this activity it was for us) model the activity yourself in front of your child. It so happened that Sprog was not his usual slap dash artistic self on this day and needed prompting.


This beauty has affectionately become known as Mr Tumble’s Spotty Rugby Ball


Sprog’s spotty ball…as inspired by Mama’s attempt above

3 – When the paper has dried, poke some holes in the top of the balls. I found it easier with two holes.


Some beautiful stickers sent to us all the way from New Zealand

4 – Loop the string through. If you go down the first hole and back up the second hole, the bunting is easier to control as you hang it and the majority of the string is hidden.


Our finished bunting proudly displayed


My Bored Toddler

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