Organising our family chores

We’ve been a little slack lately in organising ourselves at home. As a result, some things have been getting less and less likely to be achieved, we often end up with a laundry basket that needs squashing down by Thursday evening and unprepared and therefore, not as healthy as possible, lunches.

So we’re getting organised. We had a system similar to this when I first went back to work but we ditched having an official list some time ago now. We are definitely not in our groove so I’ve had to draw out a new version!


Some of these jobs are very straightforward but it’s more about us evenly distributing the chore load and making sure that our lunches are prepared!

I’ve built in work out and yoga slots this time too as I am just not finding it easy to shift any Mama weight at the moment! I’ve evenly distributed the evening TV cuddles so that hubby and I both get an even share and, much to his relief, distributed the washing up between us (not my fav thing ever!)

If you both work, what do you do to give you time and make sure that everything runs as smoothly as possible? I’d love some ideas!


2 thoughts on “Organising our family chores

  1. This is a great idea – and something we need! Time just flies during the week and it’s good to try and plan things and spread them out a bit. Hubs and I take turns to do the nighttime routine and generally do the same for other chores but we need to formalise things so we can make sure it gets done, rather than letting it pile up. Factoring in ‘me’ time too is important!

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