Dinosaur free play session

I have been racking my brains for history related activities to do with Sprog and whilst I may have a lot of ideas (I am a History Teacher!) none were really appropriate for someone who cannot yet grasp the concept of time.

On Friday, Nanny and Sprog had a great time exploring some shells that they’d collected off the beach a few weeks ago (by which I definitely don’t mean that they took them home from the beach, apparently that’s totally not allowed!). They’d been talking all about the different types of shell and how they had become that shape and what they were used for.

So today, we managed to squeeze in a bit of spontaneous play which I’m classing as “history” based because I introduced some new dinosaurs for first time.
We have some amazing leaves in the garden at the moment after hubby trimmed the trees back.

This just serves as an example of what amazing play and discovery can come of experimenting and free play. But also a reminder that whilst you might be desperate for your little person to get on and start doing things, give them space and they will get there eventually.

We pulled the dinosaurs out of the bag and off we went playing about 10 rounds of hide and seek around the garden…dinosaurs are a perfect leaf colour and really difficult to find! Oops, nasty Mama!


Making Sprog dig through the leaves to find some dinosaurs


Oooo, there’s one under there!


When they were found, they had to be lined up on the bench


This little one had jumped on to the waterimg candle



5 thoughts on “Dinosaur free play session

  1. I love the idea of hide and seek, that sounds like such fun. I wish we had an actual garden, we are just stuck with our little roof top – it’s not quite the same! Ray xx #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. Aw great idea, I too have tried to think of some ways to introduce history into our learning and activities, it looks as though you had a fab time x Thanks so much for linking up to #toddlerapprovedtuesday this week x

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