Dreams are worth waiting for

I’m a big fan of the “loopy writing necklace” as I call them but I’ve never actually had one – I’d love one with my name on it, or a “Mama” one or a “MrsB” one but for some reason I’ve never justified spending the money on myself like that.

But I now have one!  O yes, and it’s so dainty and gorgeous…not at all like the clumpsy dishevelled me that I have become in the last few weeks. My necklace was a treat given to me by Sally.

The oh so very lovely Sally invited me to explore her wonderful store, Mrs Robinsons Store, in Worthing’s West End for an evening of me fawning over delightful little gifts for everyone imaginable.  She stocks an amazing variety of products in the shop and has won some very impressive awards for her little shop including the Best Retailer 2014 at the Adur & Worthing Business Awards and she is shortlisted for the Johnston Press South Business Awards.

Mrs Robinsons

As soon as I walked in, it felt like a wonderland of treasures with such amazing colours and I happily spent a good hour browsing through all the different things whilst being treated to fabulous snacks from Baked down the road (another of my fav Worthing independent shops). It’s safe to say that I’ve found a new place to spend an awful lot of money!


I just wanted to show off the amazing treats from BAKED

What I love is that Sally is now taking the shop online so that she is able to offer all of these wonderful things to you across the country! I feel like I should add a great big “Whoop” at this point.  She is carefully sourcing products from great independent and ethical stockists all over the place and through http://mrsrobinsonstore.com/ you can also get your lovely mitts on these gifts.


I fell in love with these keyrings and holder, and the divine candles are available online

My lovely “loopy writing necklace” has inspired me at work as I asked my form to think about their dreams this morning, some of them found it really difficult to think of what their dreams are so it’s really pushing me on to think of different ways to inspire them to think big! I shared with them, my motivational thought that my necklace represents for me that dreams are worth waiting for. In a rare moment of thoughtfulness, I explained that they are a few things that I want to do in life but that for now my husband’s dreams are the focus.  I know that I will eventually achieve my dreams but my necklace is going to represent having the patience and determination for us to work as a team to achieve those changes.


I was amazed that one little trip out would give me such inspiration and I hope that you can find some things within Mrs Robinson’s amazing store that will spur you on to something great.

*I was given the necklace in return for a review of Mrs Robinson’s online store. All opinions are my own*


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