Struggling with the positives

This blog was meant for me to record the positive moments in our family life as we grew and developed when I returned to work.

Today I cannot feel the positives.

Today Sprog cried for 15 minutes when we left the house.

Today he wanted to “stay home Mummy”.

Today he ended up playing happily at the park and making cakes…with my mum.

Today I spent the day at work feeling awful for leaving him.

Today I battled teenage girls who talk over me, ignore me and make me miss my happy smiley boy.

Today I worked my backside off at school to mark a whole set of assessments.

Today I worked my backside off after Sprog had gone to bed to mark a second set of assessments.

Today I have not had time to do the food shopping, washing up, unload the washing machine, make our lunches for tomorrow.

Today I was 3 hours late feeding the cat because all I could think about was work.

Today I cried…  A lot.

Today…was pretty sh*t


I'd rather be playing dinosaur hide and seek!


21 thoughts on “Struggling with the positives

  1. Sorry to hear today wasn’t great.
    Try not to let the girls get to you; I know it’s difficult! Soon they’ll realise that they’re gonna need you in order for them to do well and hopefully they’ll change their tune.
    Chin up! 🙂

  2. Oh love, this sounds like utter shite. Ophelia has started to be the same, and there are days when I start feeling like 4 days nursery is too much, especially when she says “miss you mummy” “no work today mummy”.

  3. Being everything for everyone is an exhausting and often thankless task. You are doing an amazing job, although it doesn’t always feel like it. Sprog is a lucky boy to have such a brilliant mummy! Hope today is better xx

  4. I could totally have written this at this time last year. It’s so hard when you’re full time and you have a little one. You’re giving so much at work and to your family, and it’s exhausting. I’ve actually found this year (i.e. one year into the new school) significantly easier, as you can re-use things, and you actually know the systems and the people. So it does get easier. And teaching is an amazing, fulfilling career.
    Sprog had a great day with your mum, and it’s great that he gets to spend that much time with his grandma.
    I hope you’re feeling better soon xx

  5. Arggh what a day! Being a working mum is hard and tiring and then the guilt, I know about that but try to see the positives and the bigger picture. Teaching is an especially hard job as a parent as there is always so much to do at home too. Hope you’re feeling a bit better now! x #twinklytuesday

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  7. Aaah pet — I HATE those days. Fortunately they don’t happen that often but when they do… the answer, for me, lies in the bottom of a nice G&T!! I always feel MUCH happier about things then 😉 Thanks so much for linking up to #TwinklyTuesday — hope to see you again tomorrow!

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