6 weeks in to Thinking Slimmer

I have been Thinking Slimmer now for the last 6 weeks and just wanted to log a few of the big lessons that I’ve learnt.

1) The other people who listen are a lovely supportive bunch and are great inspirations.

2) When my head is in the zone I am totally in control.

3) If I don’t listen, I’m back off track within a couple of days.

4) This is the most recent lesson… When I know that I want to achieve something, I sabotage myself. Probably so that I don’t end up trying and still failing. Crazy… That’s what I spend my days teaching teens and yet I’ve just realised that I do it to myself.

So I’m not going to tomorrow’s wedding in the dress I’d been focusing on. But I’m reasonably content with that because I have been learning how my head works and trying to figure things out.

Next goal…be wearing that dress to the work Christmas Do!


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