Playing with leaves!

I’m back! Well kind of. I’ve had to take a bit of a break recently from blogging just to be able to survive at work, the first half term at a new school saw me having to let something else slip so that I could get through…and with only a few bumps.

We’ve been slowly easing ourselves back into a craftier world again with a bit of autumnal leaf play!

We haven’t been groundbreaking in our use of the leaves but here’s how we’ve been using them after we collected them at the park and pressed them.

1) We did/ I did some leave rubbings whilst Sprog watched me in earnest

2) Sprog had a bit of free play time and ended up with a free style leave arrangement in a loo roll


3) We made some obligatory leaf crowns. I loved that Sprog took a much more active role in the gluing than he normally does and that it also led into him doing a 15 minute march around the lounge with a reluctant Daddy!


What do you get upto with all the lovely crunchy leaves around?!


4 thoughts on “Playing with leaves!

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