5 minute Halloween outfit

I have a quick and easy solution to any Halloween woes for all the Mama’s and Daddy’s without much time on their hands. This witches or wizards hat genuinely took me 5 minutes to make as that’s all the time I had! Thank goodness for a stocked up craft box!

In truth, I’d forgotten about Halloween when we went to meet up with our Mummy friends this week until one mentioned a costume.

Oops…parenting fail. So in the 5 minutes that were left of Sprog’s nap, I ran like a crazy person and crafted. Let’s use that term loosely though!

All you need is a piece of card, sellotape and either a party hat (left over from New Year… I knew there was a reason I hold on to tat!) or another piece of card that you make into a cone first.

Step 1
Simply trace the outline of the cone/hat onto card and draw another circle about an inch further out.


Step 2
Cut the shape out, then go for the centre but leave a little space on the inside of the circle so that you can leave tabs.


Step 3
Stick the tabs to the inside of your hat/cone. I also rolled up the leftover piece of card to make a magic wand (which was quickly converted into a telescope by Sprog)


Step 4
Try and get your small person to wear it! As I alluded to above, Sprog had decided that he rather be a pirate so some of the best wear came from the Mummy’s when we all got together.


Monkey and Mouse