Sensory firework paintings

Sprog is always a fan of getting the paints out and splashing around.  This activity was planned to give him a few new sensory experiences as well as introducing him to fireworks for the first time.

We began by watching a YouTube clip of fireworks and Sprog learnt that they go “BOOM” very loudly indeed.

He recognised that they spring into the air, fizzle and blast. He pointed out the different colours and was amazed at the shapes they made.

We then attacked the paint using different materials. Sprog really took to using forks to make the streaks of the fireworks and using a half cut up toilet roll to make the big explosions. We also tried using pipe cleaners to make different shapes but this toddler did not want his share of the pipe cleaners twisted or bent in any way preferring instead to use them as an airplane. You can’t win them all when you’re raising a determined little man!

My highlights of doing this we’re seeing Sprog embrace a concept that was totally new to him and he’s been talking about the fireworks going boom ever since. I loved watching him experiment, particularly with the forks! But I also genuinely love the work that he produced. It’s on in fireplace on proud display. The toilet roll got some of the best results for the full explosion of a firework and we sprinkled some glitter into it to really give it something special!

We have also used some of the cards he made to make birthday cards by cutting out small sections of the artwork and they looked fab!








I’ll admit to this one… my child is not an artist whizz at just 2 years old… this is my masterpiece!



17 thoughts on “Sensory firework paintings

  1. This looks like a fun activity that makes effective pictures. I like that different materials were used to create the effects. #ToddlerApprovedTuesday

  2. What a great idea, I really like the loo roll one 🙂 I think we maybe trying something similar at the weekend before we go to a display. Thank you 🙂 #Toddlerapprovedtuesday xx

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