MySundayPhoto – Pride

We took Sprog to see his first ever set of fireworks on Saturday evening. We pushed bed time back a bit and went for it. Since I introduced him to fireworks during half term by making these sensory paintings, he’s been obsessing over them. Obsessions are such a 2 year old thing aren’t they?!

Whilst we were there I felt the all too familiar lump of pride rising to my throat. You see, my little Sprog is just adorable! I realised when we arrived that we’d left his ear defenders at home and did worry that the noise would be too much and in all honesty, I’d forgotten how loud fireworks are when you’re stood beneath a whole skyfull of them. He ended up with a mixture of us covering his ears and him doing it himself and he was in awe of the fireworks. At one point, I got told off for looking the wrong way and not paying attention to the display. I was only watching his little face light up in delight!

He played with Hubby as we bought foam light up sticks, like a little jedi he swoshed and swirled around…sometimes getting very close to other people. But he held our hands when we hold him to, went in the Tula sling for a bit until he felt comfortable there and then smiled at, instead of shying away from, the other kids he saw.

I was most proud of him when we got back to the car and he declared “O Mummy, people sad”. It took me a while to realise what he was saying. He was concerned that some of the children watching had been upset and crying at the fireworks. How blooming wonderful?!?! He’s noticing other people’s emotions and being concerned by them!


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9 thoughts on “MySundayPhoto – Pride

  1. Aw, so lovely. Nice memories for you all. We’ve never taken our tot to a fireworks display. He did sleep through one exploding over our hotel room at newyear. There’s a Thai festival coming up that will have some, maybe we’ll give it a whirl….not sure though, lol.
    Thanks so much for linking up to #fartglitter x

    • I think that, depending on the child, they can be ready for them from around 2 years old – so i’d give it a go – i was completely prepared for just having to walk out though if he;d been upset! I’m so glad that he enjoyed it

    • It’s worth giving it a go if they have them early enough on New Years Eve… we didn’t go to the main display in town as it was a bit too late for him! I was extremely proud of him!

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