Bedroom soft play

Soft play…everyone’s fav right?!?! Besides the icky sweaty smell and the raving loony kids, we don’t go very much because the only time we can go is weekends and school holidays… When all the manic crazy big kids are there. No thank you!

Over the last few week’s Sprog has been loving some rough and tubble play with Daddy so I thought we’d make more of an effort in creating our own kind of soft play at home… Bear with me…it turned out pretty well.

Unfortunately, on the occasion that the photographed, Hubby was suffering a lot with tonsillitis and therefore mainly stayed out of the way…You’ll notice him once when he was ordered to lie under the “tent” with Sprog! This meant that our play didn’t have the vigour of a usual bean bag play session because, well I’d just worked a full day and was pretty knackered! On the positive side, Sprog took the cushions, duvet and beanbags in a more imaginative way (toddler’s don’t alway do what we’d like do they?!). If you follow my linky, #imaginationmatters, then you’ll know just how much I blooming love it that he now does this so I didn’t force anything on him and let him go with it.


As soon as Sprog saw the pile of cushions on the floor with the duvet, he requested/demanded that I made him a tent. We went back to this several times as he rebuilt the pillars of cushions and asked for the duvet to be thrown over again!

He also created a castle in several different formations and successfully managed to scale the wibbly wobbly heights of the cushions!

I was told to join Sprog in his tent several times and then I was told that we would pretend to go to sleep and he wanted me to take the photo. He obviously has not done that! And he obviously thought that it was hilarious that he didn’t close his eyes!


Our last adventure was in to Sprog’s love of trains… Note the small square cushion doors, the cooking pot steering wheel and the many man handled soft toys! If they do come alive when we’re not here a la Toy Story (I’m becoming more and more convinced that they do), they will be talking about that for a while because he really went to town on giving them stories and different roles!

So this didn’t go according to plan, but we had so much fun playing in Sprog’s room and we’ll definitely be doing again!

What have you done before that did not go according to plan but was still loads of fun?

I have written this post in conjunction with the lovely Adventures of Adam and their 30 days of simple play at home, you can see the other posts in the challenge over here

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