Painting with cars!

I have been wanting to do this for ages. When better than a rainy Sunday afternoon when hubby had popped out for a bit so I could set it up without judgement?!

He’s not a fan of the messy play!

I am!

My top tips for this now include;
– Making sure that you have a bucket and a clear path to the bathroom for the washing up time
–Β  Clear away any cars that you do not want getting covered in paint
– Have a flannel on hand for washing the paint off
– Enjoy yourselves… I ended up with paint all over my legs but we laughed so much!


Set out your sheet of paper and draw a track. We used some leftover wall paper.

Make sure that the plastic you use completely covers the floor…this bit we did well. I use the plentiful supply of charity bags that we get through the door.


Dip cars in paint and get racing! We loved looking at the different patterns, driving through paint puddles and driving up each others legs!

After we’d finished playing with the cars, we headed upstairs to the car wash (the bath), where we very quickly turned the water red but Sprog was chief car washer and was in charge of the sponge to wash them down.

All in all Sprog and I both ruddy loved doing this! I’d love to know what your favourite messy play is for some inspiration!

If you’re interested in our other crafting activities, pop over to the Crafting page.

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