Launching my own business

It’s a funny old feeling to be starting something new, to really be putting myself out there.  Regular followers will know that for a while I have been toying with my future in teaching and what I might do instead.

I am not announcing my withdrawal from the profession at the moment. I have found what I hoped for which is that my new school has given me space. Space for my family and space for me!

So here’s sone teasers as to what I’ve been up to.





I am launching my new business Box of Imagination at the start of April from the Pregnancy and Family Fair at a local nursery. The fair itself is a fabulous idea as it is raising money for MIND and will offer free entry to parents with lots of exhibitors showing brilliant ideas for expectant parents and families with children under the age of 5.

I will be selling my little boxes for the first time ever! This is a range of imaginative play opportunities and ideas, along with a creative activity with all the materials needed to make the piece. There are 5 themed boxes to launch with; Weather, Magic, Vehicles, Under the Sea and Monsters. Each theme is available in a 6-18 month old or 18-36 month old option.

Each box is designed in a way that the child will be able to interact with the materials and depending on their developmental stage, participate in creating the craft activity. I am passionate that children should be given the chance to lead their learning and progression so the activities are all designed with this in mind and with an explanation of the links to the EYFS curriculum.

When we launch, the boxes will be available to purchase from our Facebook page, and you can get updates from our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

7 thoughts on “Launching my own business

  1. I have been following this on IG and looking forward to watching your journey with it. I am only surviving going back to teaching after maternity leave because I have gone part time. It’s such a time consuming profession.

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