Imagination Matters Linky

“At Sea”          “Summer”          “Circus”          “In the Garden”          “Around the world”          “Shopping”          “Emergency services”           “Weather”          “Shapes”          “Safari”          “In The Sky”          “Transport”           “Dinosaurs”          “Sports”          “History”          “On the Farm”          “Music”          “Witches and Wizards”          “Fireworks”          “Medicine”

As a full time working Mama, I have limited time with Sprog. I get the expected Mama guilt’s about not being around all of the time and not making always making the most of our time together for Sprog’s developmental benefit but I have a plan to change all of that and I want your help.

I have a plan to have a prompt or theme for each week and I want your inspiration when it comes to free play, creative activities and imaginative play. We must be a creative bunch if we able to write wonderful posts and maintain blogs but how are we sharing this with our kids? Show me your ideas?

Imagination Matters prompts

The Linky will launch every Monday and I will keep it open all week for link ups so that you have loads of opportunity to be inspired by other posts and record your amazing activities.

Here are the rules:

1. Link up any posts that are relevant to the week’s theme… old or new, I don’t mind.

2. Attach the Imagination Matters badge to your post. I am not technological competent, it took me a while to create this so please use it!

3. Comment on the post before yours and another one. It’s only fair that we share some imaginative love around.

4. If you tweet me @mamavsteacher and use the hashtag #imaginationmatters, I will retweet them and share the creativity.

So final thing for now is to show off the badge below, remember to attach it to the bottom of your post.


I can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

3 thoughts on “Imagination Matters Linky

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