We are on a food lockdown

We are on a food lockdown.

The only things to pass Sprog’s lips in the last few days are pasta, yogurt and grapes.

A couple, literally, cheerios made it through before breakfast lockdown.

A few pieces of pasta at the lunchtime lockdown.

Then magic. At dinner time Daddy was home. We managed to get a slice of toast in and then… You guessed it…lockdown.


My ‘clever’ attempt to cook small veg and add the sauce in small bits was thwarted by Sprog!

I have tried to chop veg small and make a sauce… he doesn’t eat the sauce… just ‘plain papa’ (his words).

This from the BLW (baby led weaning) boy who ate everything…I have to apologise… I was that smug mother… “well, he’s only 7 months and he eats everything!” I can hear myself now (and read it here!) and all I want to do is tell myself to sod off, it won’t last, he will become a toddler who eats white food, sometimes.

Does anyone have any tips? Which do not involve me cooking and pureeing vegetables into sauces etc…I work full time, I simply do not have the time or the willpower to spend hours in the evening cooking food he won’t eat.

Help me?!?! Please!

Fun with Falafels


This morning I got my bake on. It’s very uncharacteristic of me and shall be happening quite alot this week which is possibly unfortunate for my long suffering family.

I turned my hand to Falafels! I don’t think I’ve ever even eaten them before so I wasn’t expecting greatness. In fact, the recipe that I followed was very straight forward and included my favourite kitchen implement… The whizzer!!  Better known to actual domesticated cooking people as a hand blender (I had to check the box to see what it’s actual name is).


The finished article took shape simply and easily. They grilled perfectly well and kept out looking quite tasty.

I was more than pleased at the reception they received at lunch time too. I made them into little hand sized nuggets and sprog demolished them in large quantities!


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