Britmums Live Sponsor Reveal

It’s finally time for me to reveal the details of my sponsor for Britmums Live in June.

I have been very lucky to have been sponsored by the Cambridge Coffee Company who have provided support for my ticket and travel to the event.  It seems even more important and exciting now that I’m also going to one of the blogger keynote speakers… eeeee!!!

The Cambridge Coffee Company sell some of the most yummy coffee that I’ve tasted and it’s a really treat to drink.

Coffee logo

The Cambridge Coffee Company started in September 2014 and they’re a truly global business. The beans come from Africa, South America and Asia. Their coffee is named after places and people that are special to Andrew and his loyal band of coffee fanatic customers.

The blog on their website gives details about all their coffees and where they are from along with some great sample packages to purchase as well as individual coffee’s to buy.

coffee2    Coffee 1

When I first worked With Andrew, I reviewed the Senate House Coffee and it really was a delightful little treat in my tired and exhausted Mama and Teacher world so I’m really excited about working together with Andrew in the coming months. Particularly with starting a new job in the next few weeks and planning our next steps as a family, coffee will most likely be keeping me going for a long time in the future.


I’m going to BritMums Live


Wowwee…I am so excited, nervous and anxious all in one go!

I have booked my ticket, confirmed my sponsorship (more on that here), half looked at train tickets and perused the plan of events for BritMums Live.

In my year and a bit of blogging, on capabilities on t’interweb have grown hugely… however, there’s still a lot that confuses me and a lot about how people make blogging a full-time ‘thing’ that baffles me.  However, I have come to a crossroads recently where I’ve been considering my future and at this point in time, I can’t see that I can still be teaching in 5 years time as I don’t think that I have the stamina to keep up with the pressure and the changes being introduced.

The implications of that naturally worry me for myself and my family but also for the future of the entire education system but I won’t get into that here.  This is a place of excitement because I’ve decided that if I’m not sure about my current career, then I should be investigating the other options and BritMums Live is the first step on that journey for me.

I’ve been working in schools since I left University which means that I feel like I’m a bit of a one trick pony.  I’m sure I’m not though and I’m looking forward to seeing if I can fathom this blogging world a bit more, if there might be something more out there in which I have some vague idea what I’m doing.


So here’s a little bit about me for the other lovely people going:

– I have never been to a blogging event before (eee….nervous squeaks)

– I am 5′ 8″

– Brown/mildly ginger hair depending on how recently it was that I last dyed it… for you guys, I might make an effort

– I am starting a new job the Monday before BritMums Live

– Which also means that I can’t escape early on Friday so as most people sit down to see Deliciously Ella, I’ll be making a mad dash from my new school to the train station!

– I’m lucky enough to be crashing with one of my girly friends on the Friday night

– I haven’t got the foggiest what I’m going to wear yet!

I’m really excited about so many of the sessions and don’t know how I’m going to choose! I need to have a balance of social media sessions (I’m thinking that there might be a potential new career route in that) and ways of developing this little blog!

I do have this little feeling that I might get a little star/awe struck by meeting some of bloggers that I see as ‘bigger’ than me and that I read regularly.  Despite being fairly loud around friends, I know that I can often be very quiet around people that I don’t actually know so it’ll be a scary personal experience for me.

So please if you see this Mama standing quietly on my own, come give me a nudge in the ribs and say ‘hi’, I can at least promise a smile back!

I’m being sponsored by The Cambridge Coffee Company

Coffee logo

I’ve linked up to the ‘I’m Going to BritMums Live’ linky

I’m going to BritMums Live