An adventure trip for hubby’s birthday

On Saturday, my amazing husband turned 21, again, and honestly can’t explain how I would survive without him because I don’t know that I would. He is my absolute rock and stands by me through everything and puts up with a lot from me. I’ve written before about how at heart I am a very lazy person and he does everything in his power to counteract that for me whilst having the patience of a saint and loving me when I sometimes find it hard to love myself!

So Sprog and I organised our morning out (so really just me!).  I decided that after Sprog’s normal morning nap, we’d head off out and got to our most local English Heritage site Bramber Castle which is only about 20-30 minutes drive away and then have lunch out somewhere in one of the villages nearby.

We headed off in the car after Sprog’s morning nap and this beauty was taken whilst at the petrol station, as you do.  I’m just loving the fact that as I hold the phone up now, Sprog knows that I’m taking a picture and smiles away on cue!


When we arrived we trudged our way up a very muddy hill and Sprog quickly wanted unleashing from the sling and we ran around all over the place on the castle grounds.  There was no-one else up there, just the 3 of us, admittedly probably because it was blooming freezing and, as you can see, a little dreary. However, it meant that we could chase each other around and shout to our hearts content.  Sprog had no idea what to make of us standing at the edge looking over the valley and shouting at the top of our lungs!


As we walked back down to the car, we stopped in on the church.  It was one of the things that my Grannie and Granddad used to do when they took my Mum and Auntie out, they always stopped at the local church. And Sprog loves a good nosey around a church so we went for it.  It’s such a cute little church and very welcoming in the cold! Sprog was fascinated with what must be art or DT projects from the local school which were candle holders lining the aisle. These were a couple of my favourites!


Once back in the car, wellies removed and into plastic bags (by the way, I was super impressed at this level of organisation!) we headed in to the local village for lunch.  Hubby is a little apprehensive of the unknown but I managed to convince him of the adventure of finding somewhere nice to eat and he was not disappointed.  We stumbled upon the cutest Tea Rooms in Steyning tucked away off the main street when we all did delicious lunches.  I was impressed with the flowers which definitely brightened up the day, and the way that they did Sprog’s food – he had scrambled eggs and toast, on a Mr Tickle plate and eggs in a separate bowl so that he could eat it sensibly!


In the evening, we did manage a little grown up time and went out for a lovely dinner followed by a very brisk walk on a very windy seafront.  We weren’t out for long but I needed to hit my step count for the day on my Fitbit, so I dragged hubby and this is how cool and windswept we looked about 30 seconds after getting out of the car.