Giraffes can’t dance…can they?!

I had the huge pleasure of attending a session by Guy Parker-Rees at the uFlourish Sussex Pregnancy and Family Fair.

I’m not sure if I’m admitting something pretty blasphemas but saying that I hadn’t heard of Giraffes can’t dance before the fair! But there it is, it’s out there… I didn’t.

Safe to say I’m fully aware and I think Sprog is going to be hooked in too!

Guy led a session with some of the kids who attended where they got to learn how to draw animals for picture books.  Even I picked up some good tips!

He talked through how he designs his characters and gave us some sneaky glimpses of yet to be published characters!

So then the kids settled down to help Guy design a new character. After much deliberation (you can only imagine) they settled on a tiger, who was angry. It took a little longer to decide why he was angry…. Turns out someone ran away with his food!

giraffe1   giraffe3

Guy was getting then to build a whole story around their character and letting their imaginations run wild which was so lovely to watch. They all then drew their own characters and formed stories around them. Guy has tweeted a few of them over on his account.


My fav bit of the session was the reading of Giraffes can’t dance, which included jungle dancing from all of the characters.

It was AMAZING! Kids, Guy and a few of the parents snapping, tangoing and twirling their feet. I won’t mention another blogger who nearly fell other whilst dancing like a giraffe (cough, cough, Claire from Brighton Mum’s).


I must say that I then treated Sprog to his own copy! We shall be jungle dancing our way through the summer months with this awesome book!

Summer Days