Almost there…


A couple of days delay in posting this but I may actually be getting better!

This morning I feel like I am much closer to the sort after ‘domestic goddess’ title. Morning nap came round again, like clockwork, and off sprog goes to the land of nod.

As his snuffles quieten on the monitor, this mama zooms off on a mission. To do all of the jobs without nearly burning the house down! (See previous post)

I managed a variety of mama jobs… washing up, preparing snacks, making my lunch, preparing his lunch, get the washing out of the machine… AND onto the line, eat something, out make up on, brush teeth… and as the hubby would say “Boom!”, I did it all!

The thing I was most impressed with?! Aside from not burning down the house (I was not leaving that stove unattended today!) I stood back, looked at the load of washing swishing in the breeze and realised that I, single-handedly, without help from hubby or my mum, had restored previously yellow, orange (both baby snacks) and blue (?!?! No idea ?!?!) stained greying clothes to crisp white, fresh specimens wafting in the sunshine and they all smelt good. A small but satisfying victory to the mama!