48 hours of sad faces :(


For the last 48 hours, Sprog has been suffering with many many ailments. This afternoon we added to these significantly.

48 hours ago – I got a phone call from nursery… temperature of 38.6 and hacking cough all day.  Cue Hubby whizzing to pick him up and drive to the doctors.

47 hours ago – Sprog has tonsillitis. Penicillin prescribed.

44 hours ago – I finally got home from work (parents evening) to a fast asleep Sprog.

24 hours ago – Sprog returned home from a day with Nanny N whilst I went to work knowing that I would have to have today off. He returned without having napped in the afternoon as he wouldn’t go to sleep…super grumpy Sprog.

23 hours ago – Sprog fell asleep on my chest as we watched Toy Story 3, he hasn’t done this since he was 6 months old.  It was induced by an epic battle against the penicillin! He hates it – I don’t blame him, it tastes minging!


8 hours ago – Sprog awoke to a much excited Mama about being able to spend the day with him.  He was not excited to see me.  He was not excited to be awake!

After much crying and unhappiness he napped.

5 hours ago – We nipped to the supermarket just to get out of the house…he wasn’t feeling it and spent the whole time trying to dive out of the sling!

4 hours ago – We tried baking… he ate mixture off the spoon…and cried hysterically when I took it off him.

3 1/2 hours ago – He fell down the stairs in his quest to look for Daddy. Mama hadn’t checked the stair gate when we got back in, Daddy hadn’t closed in when he went upstairs to study!  Sprog has a black eye.

3 hours ago – Sprog tripped over Daddy’s foot and screamed.

2 1/2 hours ago – Sprog fell backwards off his chair and smacked his head on the floor. And screamed. And then he had an epic nap.

5 mins ago – Hubby went to wake him up…fingers crossed for the rest of the day.

Please bear in mind that whilst all of this was happening, Sprog was suffering with not only tonsillitis but a horrible cough, major teething from some lower teeth bad boys, and apparently stupid parents…oops!

Mums' Days

Mama vs germs!


This week has been a losing battle for me against the baby germs.

I fought hard but my body succumbed and let the germs in … result… one goopy eyed mama monster!

Great news is that sprog never actually got very poorly, a couple of sticky moments on Saturday cleaned out nicely and he was fine.  On the other hand, I have woken up eyes stuck together for 3 days in a row now, the antibiotics seem to have finally taken away the red tinge to my eyes and a day of sitting in a darkened room has given them some rest.

My darling delightful students has 2 reactions to my hugely puffed up eyes. A) ask if I was ok? Had I been crying? Was everything ok? B) Laugh at my face.  The majority chose option B. I don’t blame them. 

My lovely colleagues had less options – they pretty much all chose to laugh/smile/try not to laugh or smile at me.  A couple then asked if I was ok.

Well, yes after my day of sitting/sleeping in a darkened room, I think I might be winning the fight against the baby germs.  I definitely feel recharged and a bit more alive, and then I realised that the last time I was able to sleep that much was July… pre-sprog…and that’s quite a long time ago!

Yippee for sleep!