Mama vs germs!


This week has been a losing battle for me against the baby germs.

I fought hard but my body succumbed and let the germs in … result… one goopy eyed mama monster!

Great news is that sprog never actually got very poorly, a couple of sticky moments on Saturday cleaned out nicely and he was fine.  On the other hand, I have woken up eyes stuck together for 3 days in a row now, the antibiotics seem to have finally taken away the red tinge to my eyes and a day of sitting in a darkened room has given them some rest.

My darling delightful students has 2 reactions to my hugely puffed up eyes. A) ask if I was ok? Had I been crying? Was everything ok? B) Laugh at my face.  The majority chose option B. I don’t blame them. 

My lovely colleagues had less options – they pretty much all chose to laugh/smile/try not to laugh or smile at me.  A couple then asked if I was ok.

Well, yes after my day of sitting/sleeping in a darkened room, I think I might be winning the fight against the baby germs.  I definitely feel recharged and a bit more alive, and then I realised that the last time I was able to sleep that much was July… pre-sprog…and that’s quite a long time ago!

Yippee for sleep!