Me and mine April 2015

I love the Me and Mine link up which is run over at Dear Beautiful every month as it really makes us stop and think about getting a family photo each month.  However, I was less prepared this month than usual so our photo is a very simple couple of snaps from the sofa this morning once we were all up and dressed.  The only way to get Sprog to participate this morning was to include his new beloved airplane!



This month:

Mama has been loving;

  • Gossip Girl on Netflix 😦 I’ve finished it now
  • Claiming back some time for me and doing less marking at home
  • Working with my Year 11’s as they are a really lovely and hard working bunch of kids who are all trying so hard for their exams.

Daddy has been loving;

  • Getting tickets for one of the rugby world cup games! (Mama is quite excited about this too)
  • Having more time outside to play at the park
  • Looking forward to our summer adventures after he gets through his two exams at the start of June

Sprog has been loving;

  • Airplanes are still a massive obsession
  • As are keys.  We have to hide them if we want to be able to get in or out of house, or the car, or the back door to the garden unhampered by a big tantrum.
  • Using new words. I’m so proud of him as he gets a few more words in his vocabulary and he’s really enjoying being able to say a bit more and being able to tell us ‘noooo’ in particular.  It makes me chuckle though as he sounds northern when he says ‘nooooo’!

One from the outtakes of Sprog grabbing the camera!


dear beautiful

Me and mine for March

The Me and Mine project runs every month and prompts me to take pictures of all 3 of us.


Sprog has been
– Obsessing about airplanes. He squeaks and squeals when he spots one before getting frustrated that it’s ‘gone’
– Learning to read
– Playing rough and tumble play with Daddy

Mama has been
– Attempting some grown up crafting for a friend’s wedding present.
– Having a quiet month from blogging to find some time.
– Working hard to get students to complete their controlled assessments and doing lots of marking.

Daddy has been
– Getting very fit from the tough and tumble play with Sprog.
– Studying hard for his exams.
– Rugby obsessed thanks to the Six Nations.


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Me and mine for February


Of all the many, many, many photographs that we attempted for this month’s shot, this is the only one of all 3 of us facing the camera!
The wind was whipping around the park, the sun was incredibly bright and there was a lot of snot from a cold little Sprog!
So here we are, a bunch of crazy, windswept and half-blind-from-the-sun happy smiley people!

Here’s what we’ve been loving

– Animal noises – cat, dog, cow, horse and elephant are his favourites.
– Learning to say ‘Timmy’ for our cat and trying to play with him.
– Chasing the torch light around the room.

– Lots of play time with Sprog
– Six Nations and his big rugby time!
– Daddy and Sprog day when I was at the Baby Show for the day.

– Lots of crafting and painting with Sprog.
– Having a little bit of ‘me’ time when I went to The Baby Show.
– Being inspired by so many other women who are putting themselves out there with self employment and taking risks for their families.

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Me and Mine January 2015

I’ve loved seeing everyone’s photo’s of their families as they pop up on my various feeds over the last few months so I thought that with the new year, I’d join in with and make sure that we have more pictures of the 3 of us together.

January 2015

I did remember to take some pictures of us last night which were hilarious, if a little blurred and dark but then this morning we’ve been out for the hubby’s birthday to our closest English Heritage site at Bramber Castle and I snapped this on top of the hill.  I just love how Sprog is smiling at the camera now too when we try and get a picture of all of us.

Sprog has been;

  • loving his Daddy very very much,
  • Learning some new words – his favourite phrase is ‘one more please’ although only we would know that is what he’s saying as it’s not quite fully formed yet.
  • Loving all the train related Christmas presents that he got.

Mama has been;

  • loving her candle burning as she works
  • kind of focused on loosing weigh
  • loving her FitBit Flex

Daddy has been;

  • loving our family mini adventures
  • Loving crème eggs (a lot)
  • Loving his many many cuddles from Sprog.
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